Friday, November 22, 2013

Poor Things

They made promises,
They refused to obey
The calls of life, the rules of love.
They were proud and they would say –

“I will remain yours forever”, said she,
“And I only for you,” said he.
“We won’t bind our love,
We won’t close it to life,
We won’t play by the rules.”
They said, in unison.

And so I watched them.
And then I laughed.
So, I thought,
Let’s just play along!

But they did try –
To hold strong in the face of rules,
Follow their own heart
Their one heart.
I watched as they broke down
And stood up, and smiled
At each other.

Would you think I would let them win?

They fell prey to their own words.
Now he loves her for he had promised to.
Now she kisses him for she had vowed to.


They are bound by promises now.

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