Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Espresso and Stilettos

Your coffee is half and strong,
And you take full cup tea;
Your shirts are careless,
But your mind - you keep it free.

I find your bookshelf stacked
With fiction and poetry and travel,
You fix the radio and my watch,
You fail to fix my smile.

You are happy in the rain
And the clouds and the fog,
You smile at the street urchin
And happily find what he loves!

I run the day out,
Busy as a bee.
The days turn to nights.
I fail to smile at thee.

Our days pass by
And we forget each other.
We go on living as we were
The time when you were only "you",
I was only "I",
Before you and I became "us".

We meet after a decade.
Our eyes sparkle as we smile
That old smile
And we see the blank of the time faded.

We meet when we are grown
And have faces waiting at home;
I let you pass and you turn back,
And you see me turn back too.

And we walk on, heels and boots.
(Oh! How you loved your boots!)
I keep my smile intact,
And we keep up with the ruse.

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