Saturday, December 21, 2013

"Recreational Death"

So, while having a conversation with A about life, messy life and our messier head, I wondered if the concept of life is over-hyped.

It was just day before yesterday when I was out with D, and after a great lunch and coffee afterwards, we were passing by a magazine stand where she got a business one, and I a political one which was having a free health issue with it. Back home, true to my nature, I skipped the political issue and turned the pages of the health one. The theme of it was “Happiness.” Different people talked about different sources of happiness. But by the time I was halfway through it, I was already bored.

So, it seems that even the topic of “How to be Happy” can’t get my attention for long enough!

Anyway, coming to the conversation with A, she says she’s all messed up in her head. And it just randomly occurred to me that may be we give too much importance to life. To being sincere, honest, responsible, punctual, and all that. Being a teacher, I shouldn’t be saying this stuff. But somehow, it has always occurred to me that being too serious only brings more problems.

But the mind-blowing idea that came to me while talking to A was that of “Recreational Death”. Well, the nomenclature credit goes to her, for I could only describe the phenomenon, and she came up with the very advertise-y name!

If I was bored with living, the daily inhale-exhale process, then I should have the option of choosing a way out, temporarily! Like people take sabbaticals from job. Of course, at first people should try all the various types of activities and live their life and not think about boredom. But what if one gets bored in spite of everything, or rather, because of everything? Where is the option of taking-a-break?

So, there should be a machine or something, which could give us the opportunity to ditch the breathe-in-breathe-out for a few days, but keeping the body alive nonetheless, for when the soul comes back. And then we could carry on, all happy after the soul-vacation!

And in reply, A opined, “Tor matha ta puro geche!”

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