Sunday, March 29, 2015


Here's a definite thought. What am I going to do after 40?

I am not the ZNMD Hrithik Roshan type who decided to work till death till 40 and then retire and enjoy life. I live in the moment, for the moment and with the moment. Being a teacher is a taxing job no doubt, but I enjoy it. The least bit of creativity that I can share with my students, and the maximum of it that they showcase in various fields can be overwhelming in the positive sense. The craftworks they do for various subjects, the little bit of performances within the regular lessons, the loaded amount of smiles, and the mischiefs - they all somehow do not let me get bored for a single moment. It has hardly been 2 years in this profession, and I have a lot of plans for my future in this profession already.

But I have other dreams as well. Firstly, I dream of owning a boutique of my own. It might be a partnership deal where I could look after the creative section, and the finances being managed by the other partner. I am not much good with numbers, as most people who know me already know it. I would like to combine various dresses with appropriate accessories and perhaps also have a grooming section where various ideas of how to use a single piece of clothing in various ways could be discussed by the clients and me. My friends have already unofficially certified that I am good at this - I mean, clothes, accessorizing, make-up etc. So, who knows? I might just do something with it!

I like to sing. To such an extent that one hardly has to ask me twice to sing and I would start crooning a tune. I am often teased because of this, as one of my naughtier cousins thinks that I am always too ready to sing, anywhere! So, may be someday I would like to teach the kids of the locality songs and dance-dramas with other people of similar interests. I can imagine a scenario - a colony, a couple of months before Durga Puja, the kids are being gathered for the Bijoya Sammiloni programme, and some of the women of the colony are deciding upon which piece to choose for the programme. I can see myself among these women, deciding upon the music, the lighting, the choir arrangement and so much more.

This is just the beginning. I have many dreams, just waiting at the threshold, to be fulfilled!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Love in the Time of Death

I live you in my days,
Dream you in my nights -
Stars rush flashing by,
Sparkling the bright eyes.

The buildings crash around us,
And you fight hard to catch your breath.
I stand still and watch - 
Welcome and smile at your death.

You call me "coward",
You call me "She-Devil",
You call me the annihilation
Of purity and life's all real.

I smile as I see the crumbling
Earth swallow you down in hungry bites.
I wait for my turn and make sure
My eyes are open as my heart sighs.