Saturday, November 9, 2013

What a Wonderful Life

                                                 How to make it a GOOD day

I am a teacher. And just like in any other job, every day is not really a good day. There are sudden spurts of work pressure, unannounced troubles to handle, duties which must be done even if one is tired. So, by the time Friday arrives, it's obvious that the body and the mind is tired. It's been a few months, but I have always known that I love this one thing - to be around young spirits and be able to interact with them and be a part of their never-ending energy.

And yet, by the time Friday arrives, I am tired.

So, while going through videos this evening, I found this one. It talks about all the beautiful things in the world for which we should be thankful. For a moment, my cynical brain said, "Of course it looks so better in the videos! The photographer is not showing all the bad days that he had with his producer and the bad weather and the financial blocks and so much more! Of course he just edited the bad parts and is showing how good the world is!"

But then I wondered, that even if the person had had his troubles, did that stop him from actually enjoying what he did? Even if he had to hassle with the producer to go to the various places and the finances and all of it, while he was actually there at the places - all the places and capturing the smiles - didn't he enjoy every moment of it?

Then how is my life any different? I remembered how happy I feel every time I enter a class. Every time I am explaining a story or a poem, and asking the students about them with which they can relate to the text, and the way they raise their hands and share their stories with me. Every time they bid me goodbye with a smile and a wave at the end of the day. Every time they wish me in the morning and I see their faces light up when I return their wish personally. How different are these gifts from the great beauties that this person has captured in his video?

And suddenly, I feel happy.

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