Friday, January 17, 2014

An Abstract Poem

I wake up to find my child dead beside my bed.
Blood clotting over its heart,
Some poisonous bite it was.

I don’t scream,
I don’t panic.
I had known it all along.
Womb so cursed was wrongly
Blessed with child so true.
God knew His work,
He did it.

And I’m back to my world.
Cold fog shrouding my breath,
I feel the old known damp death.
The few months that were warm
With the love, are now gone.
Gone for good.

I killed with my will,
My smile, my hugs, my kisses.
The love was enough to kill.

My breath is now black again,
My eyes yellow with decay.
And yes, I'm happy now.
I’m back in my death.

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Ramakanta said...

Expecting regular update Madam.