Saturday, November 5, 2011

Momma and A Thousand Things

There's something called "mutual existence". That's exactly what happens between me and Maa. A small but significant example is to follow for you to follow my deduction!

Maa loves to watch channels like Discovery and National Geographic for all type of odd things like snakes, crocodiles, gorillas, cars, martial arts, chemistry, and what not. I admit she is versatile! I, on the other hand, am rather stunted. I prefer under-water, chemistry (though I still flaunt my Class-8 chemistry result where I managed to secure 33/300 throughout the whole year!! But then, chemistry didn't really seem this interesting as when it comes on tv!), martial arts (after all, I took Karate class for 4months when in high school and then the instructor resigned!! Yeah, that's very much an achievement, mind you!) and stuff. But somehow, I just cannot tolerate hungry, fighting, chattering animals. I guess they remind me of humans all around. :-/

Anyway, so Maa is sitting in front of the tv after dinner watching such stuff and calling me every now and then, "Aye, dekhe jaa!", "Ki sahos re eder!", "Ki buddhi re eder!" etc genuinely amazed exclamations. Now, not just I am least bothered about which snake has the largest head or which orangutan has been taught to dance like MJ, I also don't want to spend my bedtime stories hour while watching professionals doing things that always get more hype.

I think it would be nice to mention here that my Maa, being the typical innocent Aries, believes everything she sees. My childhood friends would always vouch for that, I know! They somehow prefer Maa more than me!!!! Anyway, as for her naivety, she used to be highly appreciative of the WWE matches, thinking that they were for real. And then, one fine Sunday afternoon, her two brilliant throwing-buckets-of-cold-water-on-innocent-enthusiasm kids (read me and Dada) revealed to her that these fights are all practiced and staged. I hate to think of the sad face that she made, almost like how-could-they-be-so-fake?

Enough about Maa. Let's please come back to me, after all I am taking the pain of typing while I should be taking a good nap. Ok, that was lazy and rude. Never mind!

Well, as for the West people doing all the amazing stuff. Somewhere, the post-colonial soul in me also gets all patriotic and wants to ask - 
* Why don't our fearless snake catchers find a place on screen while trained cockroach collectors do?
* Why are our movies termed as 'unbelievable' when they use imagination, and a Matrix or Scream is gaped at?
* Why is our indi-pop almost non-existent when Lady Gaga is all over the clubs and lounges?

Not that we are bad, but may be just that the Colonial hangover isn't over yet.


Amrita Sen_U109165 said...

loved this one

moo-moo said...

o god...your mom's television taste is same as mine....WWE i still remember the names of the girls...terry gold, jungle girl and what not...and i was addicted to Animal Planet and nat geo untill they started airing it in vernacular (nothing against vernacular but can't tolerate the terrible dubbing ).. :)

sunaa said...

nice post..jes lyk ur mom,i can spends hours after hours watching discovery &nat geo documentaries =))

Swarnali said...

haha looks like I found a kinder spirit in your mum :P I was totally addicted to Discovery,Nat Geo and Animal Planet etc etc until they started airing them in vernacular (as moo-moo said). Honestly,they sound awful and I can't understand half of what they say!!
You write really well,so am following you :)

Simantini Sinha said...

@Amu - My mom IS weird and cute!!
@Moo-moo - What can I say? May be after 3decades, your daughter will write a blogpost about you!!
@Sunaa - :D good!!
@Swarnali - Thank you! I prefer TLC though!