Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Momma and A Thousand Things - Part-2

I was watching this program on National Geographic about a bridge in Japan. Maa loved the program, and was engrossed in it the way I watch Will Smith without blinking an eyelid! :) Yeah, I am wholly unapologetic about it :-/

Alright, so I suddenly found something about the narrator. Have you ever watched those translated-into-Bangla programs? I understand it does a great good to people who like to watch such programs but find it hard to follow the rapid accented English. But please translate it properly. They make the whole concept so confusing. I mean, there was this man who at first said that "Probol haowa ei bridge-er shotru" (strong wind is the enemy of this bridge). and then he goes on to say "Probol haowa teo er kichu hobe na" (Even strong wind will not damage it). It simply confuses straight people like me, that's all.

Anyway, back to the narrator. So, this narrator was sincerely teaching the technicalities of the bridge, and Maa was watching it as if her exams depended on it. And bang! Right at that moment I found out that the narrator sounded like Ranjit Mallik!! I'm sure you've heard Mr.Mallik, and if you are unlucky enough to not have done it till now, please rent a Bengali movie that stars him and watch and laugh! Well, women above 50years generally find him handsome, and a good actor, and may be even he is. But just his accent, that speaking-through-my-teeth-as-if-I-am-playing-a-jatra is too much for me!

And I make the mistake of pointing that out to my Maa. The reaction? The famouse how-can-you-be-so-insensitive look that almost made me want to duck for cover. But being the determined Scorpio that I am, I held my ground and swallowed my pride and watched the whole program.

P.S. - What did I do wrong if I seriously made that exciting discovery that may be N.G. was hiring Mr.Mallik for the narration? :(


Swarnali said...

hehe,that was seriously hilarious,the same happens to me...I go totally mad trying to figure out whats being said. And is the narrator really Ranjit Mallick?? I never noticed!! Will check it out today :P
nice post :D

Simantini Sinha said...

@Swarnali - OMG! No no! It's not him! I just thought the narrator sounded like him!!!