Sunday, June 23, 2013


Think of a day
When the sky is blue,
With clouds high
Above me and you.

You knocked on my
Door, as you thought
It was a day good for
A long walk.

You waited and you expected
Me to come with
A smile on my lips,
And a heart full of bliss.

But you waited and
Grew impatient. You used
Your personal key,
Letting go of the chivalry.

You came in my dining,
Found last night's dinner
Was there. Untouched.
My bed, you saw, was undone.

These are the days of abduction
And murders, you shuddered
With fear. You found
Me nowhere, without even a note.

I have come away,
Without telling you,
Or Mama and Papa.
I have come high above.

Not cocaine, I'm not high
On drugs. I got a call saying,
"This is Tinker-Bell,
Peter wants you back."

But I'm in the 20's,
Worse than the Jazz age.
Zelda and her friends
Have lost their edge.

My 20's are faded,
With fear of risks.
And building walls around me
With safety bricks.

I am preparing for the 30's.

Let me leave you to the 20's.
I am not made for them.
The last teen-year is
Where I live.

You will have a happy life,
And a prosperous retirement.
I am to my NeverLand,
Leaving the world to your amusement.

                                     ~ Simantini Sinha (23/06/2013)

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