Friday, October 5, 2012

Objectively Subjective

It's foolish to expect that one can get away with a breakup without feeling a scratch. I'm not aware of the Western culture where breakups seem to be more rampant than here in India. But is it really so? May be the plight of finding the perfect mate is equally strong in every country. And then, there are always those who prefer their single status rather than complicate the easy life. Or is just the 'sour grapes' psychology?

Anyway, if I've learnt anything from the relationships and breakups that I've witnessed around me, then it's that however smoothly you might want to end it, it wouldn't have broken if it was already going good.

Breakups are almost never peaceful. Any one of the two will try to hold on. And if both are happy to get rid of it, then sometimes whoever takes the initiative feels more powerful. The feeling of being somewhat unwanted doesn't really go away even if the breakup is mutual.


moo-moo said...

A "mutual" break-up is a non-existent concept.It may become a "mutual" decision in future, but at the time of separation mostly only one person sees the reason, the other either is in denial or a coward. (my personal opinion, of course)

debjani said...

If you have ever loved a person then breakup's will hurt,... whether it be "mutual" or not. But the thing is Life moves on... for everyone! So keep it simple. Doing things that will make you happy for Long runs are more important! <3

Promit said...

for me break ups are not exactly a thing...either u love some1 truly or u dnt..wat hurts more is d amt of effort and committmnt we hv put in2 the "relationship"..d amt of trust we have put in2 d person..tis hurts..if nothing is jst a reslutant friction of two abs non-compatible surfaces of human the question arises..y d relationship then in d 1st place ?? its human nature to long as d change of one is in sync with d other...its soon as it goes out of sync..problem starts..d burning passion(fire) we have for the person..starts to convert into a destructive one..and thus d resultant friction..neways...its nice to read ur blog...and sorry fr my sms lingo..