Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reach Your Destiny

A post after quite a few months, and I am back with a whole new idea – a whole new perspective of the world. In these 3 months, I worked and I learnt, not just about the professional world but also about world around me. And if I may draw conclusion before I expand the ideas that are right now swimming in my head, I would say that I value my loved ones all the more after these 3 months.

So, what makes me so wise in just over 90 days? The very fact that I stepped out of my secured shelter and steeped out – stepped ahead. The very first step was a big experience. Yes, my first experience as an employee was not really a happy one. But that’s ok, you see? A lady I know said that it’s never a wasted day if you have learnt something. And these 3 months have taught me a lot. The most important thing that I have learnt is that reaching your dream doesn’t come easy.

I tried to find the quick way out and earn money in a good way but not by doing something that I liked doing. And somehow, the whole thing ended up being a complete disaster. Not just the work, but also the whole atmosphere. Let me not dwell upon that, for the ultimate point to be made is that I am trying to emerge out of it, with a new vision.

And today, standing where I am, I know that I need to reach my destiny. Contrary to the popular beliefs, destiny doesn’t come to you. You have to find your destiny, and recognize it. That takes time and courage and patience and faith and determination. Troubles will come which will try to deter you from your chosen path. But all you need to remember is that your destiny is what you deserve, nothing less and nothing more.

Is there always a grand plan to reach that destiny? I don’t believe so. After all, it is all unknown to you, what the road ahead will be like and how you have to reach the goal. So how can you plan it ahead? But you can be prepared, practically. You have to have knowledge about what you want to do, and find out more about the whole thing from those who might be in the field. If you are the first one to venture out in this particular area, try out the internet or professional advice. Being a grown up, I should not ask for any money from my family, so my “preparation” also includes being independent financially so that I can continue with what I want to do till the time comes when my chosen path will provide me with a real financial support.

I feel that I have found my destiny, and all I need to do now is to reach it. The path cannot be easy, and I never asked it to be so. After all, how can a grand plan be so easily captured, right? ;-)

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