Thursday, March 3, 2016


How about you start reading this post by not reading my personal views, but answering some very short questions? How about, do you like to eat alone at home or at restaurants? Or, do you like to watch movies alone at theaters? Or, do you like to take long walks or destination-less bus rides al by yourself?

If the answers to the above-mentioned questions are in the affirmative, and you are ‘single’, then it’s a pretty common habit that you have. And even if the answers are in the negative, the society is not realy going to bash you up for wanting human company. However, if you are engaged or married, and yet you enjoy your own company, there are chances that sooner or later, you’ll be termed ‘selfish’, ‘loner’, ‘strange’ or even ‘abnormal’.

I enjoy a lone meal, may be at KFC or Domino’s or even a restaurant. I don’t feel guilty having a long walk with a cup of ice-cream or frozen yogurt and wondering about the workings of the world. And I definitely don’t mind travelling by myself, even if it’s for the first time and it’s a long journey. It doesn’t always have to be the company of headphones to avoid unnecessary conversations. I can simply look out of the window and be lost in a different world.

But is this behaviour accepted? Once, I had heard a gentleman commenting about youngsters listening to music on their journey saying that if you are out in the world, you need to interact with the people and not hide yourself behind the headphones. I was too young to protest back then. But today, I would like to pose a question – Why should everybody have the same personality or attitude towards the world and interaction with it? It may so be that I am out in the world as a compulsion, and would very much like to sit back at home and read a few pages from n old, torn book. It may so also be that I enjoy my own company in such a manner that I don’t need anybody else to enjoy a good meal, or a good movie. I would rather watch a good movie separately and then discuss with someone interested about it, than gather people to watch a movie I am interested in but just afraid “What would people say!” if I go alone.

Also, why is it a ‘crime’ to be fluent and well-versed and comfortable in a different language than your mother tongue? Does it only signify how snobbish you are? Or can it also mean that your medium of instruction has been different and you are simply mean that you are more interested in the beauty of a particular language, without demeaning any other language of the world?

Why are we so quick to judge? Why are we hell-bent on believing and arguing and proving that what we know and believe is the only correct way? Why can’t it be an open-forum discussion? Why does always have to be a win or lose situation?

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Rohit Nair said...

Nicely put! Definitely do a lot of things on my own, and there are times when I like to be in company of friends.. Its situational ;)