Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Horizons

Without any beating about the bush, let's come directly to the point. It's been a month since I have been married. However, this post is not about how I got married, or what I bought for the wedding or even how much fun the whole marriage event has been. This post, rather, is about life after marriage.

For all the single girls out there, life after marriage is usually shown through a rose-tinted glass where we are told that we will be absolutely happy after marriage, there will be a lot of Yash Raj Film-esque romance, and no doubt a lot of pampering and fun. I don't want to shatter your hopes, girls. No doubt there will be all these things if you are lucky. I am. However, there will be a lot of other things too.

There will be days when you wouldn't want to get up in the morning, but you'd have to, just because an entire family now depends on you. You may not want to dress up in the evening after a long day's work when the maid is on leave (provided your newly shifted base affords you to keep a maid) but you won't be able to roam about in the house in shorts or pyjamas. And if you are one of those who has shifted to a ridiculously expensive city where the salary of the maid makes you wonder whether you should take up her job instead, then may the Lord help you!

It's probably not about the work that you have to do. It's mostly about the false aura of romance and fantasy that surrounds the idea of marriage. Marriage has nothing to do with opening the door for your husband clad in chiffon when he returns from office. Or about serving Coca-Cola to your in-laws when they ask for too many choices of beverages. Or warming frozen food to impress your in-laws. Marriage is about growing up. Sometimes, all of a sudden, while sometimes a day at a time. But most of all, marriage is learning to be unselfish.

This post, being my first one after my wedding, is probably a tad bit emotional compared to my previous ones. I hope the nest ones will be less heavy and more according to my original style.

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Nivedita B said...

And this is what actually scares me Simi. What if I am not up to it? It's not a movie we can just switch off.