Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Resting too much, and hence, restless

Somehow, I have been getting quite a few days off recently. Count it as one of the perks of being a school teacher, or the troubles of being ill and having to take leaves for visiting the doctor, but the matter of the fact is that with Holi being on a Monday and other works falling before and after the weekend, I have been staying home for a few days.

And so disrupted, fleeting thoughts have been a common hobby. Sometimes I wonder about what I should watch on the TV, especially since our TV has turned environment friendly (everything looks green on that screen. Must be something with the colour gadget inside the big box) and since then I have lost interest of anything shown on it. And every time I find out something remotely watchable, I find Maa hooked on to it, watching the same piece of news broadcasted for the 17th time in the day. Basically I have stopped watching TV. Well, the other reason is that our internet connection has been upgraded, thanks to Dada, so now I can watch any programme online, without having to wait for it.

Next, I am trying to read my first ever John Grisham. Make a face, think in your mind that I am almost an illiterate for not having read his works till now, or just wonder how-could-she-not? Here again, the matter of the fact is that I am not a big thriller fan. Once in a while, a good book recommended is fine. But the reason I picked out this one from the school library is that now that the session is over, and we are having almost the whole day to ourselves, I thought a thriller might do justice to my idleness, and show how good an employee I am by keeping myself away from the inevitable yawns. And of course, there is the reason that I asked myself how-could-I-not [have read Grisham] ?

I ought to start singing again. I have been miserably lazy with it for the past 8 months. I simply must start with it. Well,  from tomorrow! ;-)

There has been a nice surprise recently! Got gifts from N, as I told her that they are my post V-Day gifts! Here are what I got!

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