Sunday, June 10, 2012

Simantini Almighty

It was just this morning when I was playing with a bucket of water and trying to make world out of the layer on top of the water when, paradoxically, a profound thought hit me, perhaps quite like a truck for I could not stop thinking about it till I finally it wrote down. I think the profoundest of thoughts hit us when we are doing the silliest of things. So never underestimate anything silly!

Anyway, that was a digression, and let me tell you where I was. So, how would it feel like to be God? Sorry to all the conventional religionists, for you could take this as blasphemy. But I’m just wondering, you see. I am neither an atheist, nor a devout. I am just trying to find out, how would it feel to create something as beautiful as the Earth out of nothing, and decorate it and give it innumerable forms of life and then watch them rot and die every moment?

I wonder, does God feel helpless sometimes? There are so many of us calling out to God (I’ll refrain from using a pronoun to make sure I don’t give God a gender). How does God even keep record of all the appointments? “God’s God”. That’s the answer I’ll get from the ‘grown-ups’. But what if I was God?

At first, I don’t think I’d be able to decide what to do with the infinity. Why do I have to make the Earth round? If I've made all the other planets round, but given Saturn a few rings to play with, why I can’t I make Earth a square or triangle? I guess my own rules of space. So you see? God isn’t that free as we think God to be. God couldn’t get away from own rules. There was this Bangla song about a similar topic, anyway.

So now that I’d be enough pissed as God to know that I can’t give a simple shape to the Earth according to my wishes, I’d have to stick to the round one. Alright, after that comes the topography. By the way, my 9-year-old student tried to pronounce “topography” and said, “It’s easier to say ‘physical features’.” So I thought that perhaps we unnecessarily complicate matters to make them look sophisticated, while the easier answer is usually right in front of our eyes.

Digressed again. Coming to the ‘physical features’. I love the way God has created the tectonic plates. They can move around as they wish, though they are not as alive as I’m making them sound. They don’t remain stationary, unlike quite a few of us who can’t be moved from the tv-couch or bed or computer chair!

As for the detailing and garnishing, I think God had done it as a regular co-curricular activity. Sorry for making it sound mundane, especially if you’d been hoping for a let-there-be-topography-and-the-mountains-started-growing stuff. I don’t blame the poor soul. I’d have done the same thing if I was left alone with an unexplored piece. I’m happy God took time and made a masterpiece out of the boring sphere.

And then came life!

I don’t believe in the whole Eden Garden concept. I’d much rather believe in deteriorating-from-the-monkeys theory. The reason our own Eden (Kolkata) can’t handle the pressure is mainly because the original inspiration – the former imaginary one – was not a real one. So we have all these crumbling down of parts of the stadium in every 6months. It has now become more or less a routine - either a huge power-cut or people pushing and rushing or the dhor-mor collapsing of some part of the gallery.

Had I been God, I think I’d be pretty much disappointed with the way the world has turned out. Almost like a promising child gone wayward.

(Sorry for the abrupt end. Maa dakche. If she comes to know ami blog-e lokjon ke gyan dichchi, I’ll be done for the day :P )

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