Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm a sinner, I'm a saint. And I do not feel ashamed.

Ive never quite liked being complimented as a 'good" girl. Whether I'm good or otherwise, anybody else does not have the qualification to judge.They have not had to live my life. And I can't term myself with binary adjectives as I don't yet have the objectivity to look at my life, and however old I may get, I'm sure I'll never have enough experience to look at myself with objectivity and wisdom!

I had once heard that one is never 'experienced' in life. If one is experienced at 53years, he is inexperienced for the 54th year of his life.

For me, life is to live unapologetically. Why should you apologize for anything you have done? If it has turned out to be a mistake, you better learn from it and never repeat it in your life. And if it has done good to you or others, then it's foolish to apologize to anybody for that matter. Sometimes, we take a decision for ourselves, but feel sorry that this decision has kept us away from our loved ones or so. But why not think about it like this? The decision you've taken has improved your career, and if your loved ones really care for you, then they must be happy for you rather than complaining!

Also, sometimes, when we decide to take a strong step which may hurt someone, but we know that it is necessary, why should we feel sorry? The decision had to be taken, and we did just that. Parents disallow pocket-money or play-time when their kids are unruly. Parents feel bad, but they know that this strict behaviour is going to make the kids realize that they have done something wrong. Similarly, in each of our lives, we have to realize that whatever we know to be right from our hearts needs no apology to anybody.

We sometimes wish that the past was different. but do we really want the past to be different? If it was bad, it has made us strong and matured. It has made us who we are today. And if it was good, it has made us smile. It has given us memories to cherish through our lives. Don't apologize for your past. You have survived it. Be proud of it and of yourself. The mistakes you made have taught you things. And don't forget that the things which you sometimes consider to be a mistake in the present, are the things you had badly wanted in the past. It's all a part of your life, of who you are. You are not liable to anybody but your own heart! And the heart never lies! It never misleads you. Have faith that you'll survive, just like you have survived all the worst things in your past and are alive to be reading this piece right now!


debjani said...

Sim I really appreciate your article! I really liked it :). It make me realise that "If we have never seen the bad days how we would know what good days are like!" This conciousnes inside us is all we need to keep on reminding that after all we all are Humans... make mistakes, get hurt, learn from it and later laugh at it that how naive we were to commit such mistakes! Love you sweet. Live your life as you actually want. After all its yours!

Simantini Sinha said...

@Guddi- i knew you'd like it. after all, we both believe in living life queen-size!! :*

ishita said...

good one!

Subhajit said...

Thanx for this lovely article..its the real synopsis of life just that people in their daily life dont confront them rather they are afraid of the reality..its a reality check..

Soumyabrata_exodus_Gupta said...

hey..it was nice and thought provoking

Simantini Sinha said...

@Subho - i know you don't really agree with all my points, but i appreciate that you like the article. after all, it was written with honesty and straight from the heart.

@Ishita - thanks :)

@Soumyabrata - :) thank you!